[Eng] Interview with Italian volunteer “Nemo”


Hey! Who were you before the war.?

Before the war I was the same that I’m now, and the same that I will be in future. I’m just doing different things. Wars are horrible, if you change for a war, maybe you became worst. I’m a normal guy that did a normal life.

Why did  you join this resistance? And was not hard hard to say good bye from from family and friends at home?

I join the Resistance because I’m an anti-fascist: I can’t sit in my home looking the Nazis coming back in Europe. How do that have got a big culpability. I’m not saying that every people must take weapons, but that every one have to say no to the Nazis.It’s impossible to explain how it’s hard to leave family and friends, every days my mind run back home.


Have you had any by you in personnel since the war? Has your view of the world has become different now participated in the war?

Here I start to know the cultures of this lands, before I didn’t understand how it’s complex and different from ours.My view of the world is mostly the same, surely now I’m more sure that war must be the last choose: if it’s possible we must use diplomacy and politics to solve the problems.

The conflict in Ukraine is very peculiar, it has never been so obvious then actually the second world war this war is between anti-fascists on your side faced an enemy that openly proclaims nazi fascism. How was your first time when you confrontation with the enemy?

Some say that this is the beginning of the WWIII , but I’m not agree, I think that’s something similar to the playoffs of WWII. In our side we look to the Red Army and to the european partisan resistance, in the other side looks like German Army: driven by Nazi, with Nazi Brigades, but also with a lot of conscripts that don’t want to fight. The first enemy that I meet was a deserter how runs away from  his position, when he understood that I’m Italian started to sing me songs from our resistance. Now he is a free man.

How is a typical day for in the East Ukraine. What is your routine?

Now war is in low intensity, the shelling are rare and there aren’t big battles, just some fighting between little groups. Now our first activity is to patrol  and protect this land. Each day we work more than 15 hours in military activities and in political.

What do you think  takes to completely end this war? Is the goal to also liberate Kiev?

The first step to end the war is to listen the people, after that you can start to look for a political way to go out of conflict. We are fighting against fascism, in Kiev there are a fascist government, that’s our enemy. We don’t want that one more fascist government join the EU, we have got a different idea of Europe, one made by people for the people.

Would you tell us more about internationell brigad – InterUnit. What thoughts of created by this brigade?

InterUnit is the first antifascist internationalist group how fight here, it’s in the Prizrak Brigade. We take the heritage of Spanish Civil War, the Resistance, and the internationalism inspired by Ernesto “Che” Guevara. It’s made by anti-fascist and communists from Spain, Italy, Israel and USA. InterUnit it’s a military and political subject, the military activity is carried out exclusively in Ukraine, while the political activity is addressed to all countries of the world, especially to the European countries, where it is still alive the memory of Nazi-fascist violence.

What part of Ukraine, are Inter Unit active in and for military tasks have you to do?

We operate in LNR, in one of the most hot part of the frontline, I can’t say more. Also I can’t talk about our tasks.

How is the food, weapons, uniforms, and so on. If you’ve bought everything myself?

The Italian people would like to eat only Italian food, I have got homesickness of that.
Our weapons are old Soviet, but still working! Some days ago we received winter uniforms, it’s a present from Russian association in support of Donbass. Here we don’t use money, our Brigade gives us all we need.

Do InterUnit  work  together with regular Lugansk people army or do you work more independent like a group?

Prizrak Brigade works whit LNR Army. We have a good autonomy, but we operate in coordination.

What can Donbass groups like us self,, that are established in Europe,  do to help for you struggle?

We think that the most important thing is to talk to your people and explain what happens here. In western countries there are a lot of disinformation about that war, when it’s impossible to tell lies, media prefer the silence. That strategy drive people to have wrong ideas, you’ll should explain to them. It’s normal political activity that you can do in a free and democratic country.  We’re fighting the same war, but with different tools. United we can win!

Have you encountered any civilians and what is their view on the war? It must be devastating for them i can imagine?

Here there are not a lot of people, with the shelling they run away. Mostly think that we are heroes, but we don’t feel like that. But there are also some pro-Ukrainian that say us to go home, they are a little minority.
Every normal people hate the war and nobody would war in his own country. If they choose that way it’s because they still remember the Nazis occupation and knows that is the worst thing.

How does the war situation look like realy. Is it pure guerrilla warfare, or more sabotage or bloody war between the two country’s armies? How would you explain? Is like the Vietnam War or the First World War?

You’ll never understand the situation on the field reading newspapers.
First you must know that the way to do a war it’s mostly determined by the kind of territories. This is a flat land mostly with open fields and with only few little woods. So here it’s mostly a position war, looks like WWI. Here you fight in the trenches.In the cities there are a different situation, it’s urban guerrilla.

What will you do after the war?

After the war I would like to come back to my life: go home to my family and friends. Restart with my normal life. Go to work but also to fun!

Finally. How do you think the conflict will be changed in one year from now?

It’s hard to say, I hope that we’ll liberate all of the Ukraine. The future depends from our hands but also from what will decide to do the others countries. That’s why it’s so important the political activity.

Thanks Nemo for you for participating in our interview, and we thank you for our time and hope you can live well after the war!  Antifascist greetings Donbassföreningen.


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