[Eng] Interview with spanish anti-fascist group – Internacionalistas 36


Hello! What is the purpose of your group and what are your goals? What are you fighting for?

Internationalists 36, was born from a group of comrades who decided to break the silence and inaction of left-wing organizations and parties regarding the genocide by the Ukrainian Nazi-Fascist Government against the people of Southeast Ukraine, who is getting massacred by the army with the approval of our government, the European Union and the United States. Our goal was to revive the spirit of internationalism of 1936, the spirit of the international brigades, to mobilize comrades all over Europe, with activities like organizing donations to buy milk for the children, collecting clothing and food for the people. And they contributed to the supply of 275 hospital ambulances. This in the Republican zone that was bombed by Franco and his falangist’s.

Have you had any activities or actions? If so, would you tell us about that?

Being a group geographically dispersed, without support from any organization or party, this made our actions very difficult to organize and, nevertheless, we were able to send aid and scrape support funds for Gleb Kornilov in Novorossia and for the children of Donbass. UU did organize a May 9th victory day against fascism with a demonstration taking place outside the U.S. Embassy. UU also had an exhibition about the massacre of Odessa and a dialog with Ukrainian colleagues about the friendship between people. As well as a day of solidarity with the people of Donbass. including exhibition, dinner, lectures and a concert with militant artists.


Did you have any problems with the police or opponents during your activities? Are there any supporters of the ukrainian fascists in Spain?

We are, at the moment, not experiencing any repressions or censorship of our networks. We have had no problems on the street. But yes, there were problems, as in Madrid, where Ukrainian fascists came to the Faculty of Political Science in Madrid, at a Conference in Barcelona, etc. Ukrainian fascists exist, and in fact, in September, a congress will be held in Madrid by the World Congress of Ukrainians, an annual Ukrainian diaspora event. The congress is going to be held this year in memory of the first arrivals of the Ukrainians to Spain. The organizers has relations to Ukrainian Association in Spain, founded in 1994 by Theodor Barabash, which was part of a group of 18 people which came to Spain on December 31, 1946. All of them were former soldiers of the German SS Galizien Division. These people did obviously not acknowledge the crimes Franco regime. Our grandparents were, in thousands, sent to their graves and no one has paid for those crimes. After we became a “democracy”, there has been more than 600 antifascists killed, the vast majority of these deaths was carried out by the police forces of Spain with absolute impunity. We also have examples like Manuel Pérez Martínez, Secretary General of a Communist Party, who still is in prison, as well as the case of Georgi Dimitrov, secretary general of European Communist Party who is also prison. We also have several left wing activists in prison as a result of Spain’s new “gag laws”.

In Ukraine there are some Spanish speaking volunteers who fight together with the rebels. Can you tell me which battalion they fight for, and have they have been demonised in Spanish media after they returned?

Spanish volunteers in Donbass
Spanish volunteers in Donbass

In Donbass we have the Vostok battalion JAN (XAH) and in Lugansk we have the communist Brigade Prizrak. And yes, 8 Spanish volunteers, who participated in the conflict of Donbass, were on the 27th of February 2015, accused of crimes of “murder, possession of arms and explosives and acting against the interests of Spain”. Obviously the bourgeois press joined the witch hunt.

In Sweden we have very strong Russo-phobic media. What is the situation in Spain? How are relations with Russia?

We have the means at the hands of the Spanish oligarchy and obviously create Russophobia following the scriptotanista of war propaganda, and know that the Peninsula will be the main theatre of operations of a gigantic demonstrationof NATO with the participation of 36,000 soldiers from 30 countries, which are part of the tension between NATO and Russia.

Have you a good  cooperation  with the rest of the anti-fascist scene in spain?

In the Spanin in general we get along well with any anti-fascist organization and have organized or attended events with fellow of the antifascist Coordinator of Malaga or the collective Algarbia coast, although we must admit that dark reasons that we have also suffered attacks of some “anti-fascists” for supporting the detachment of volunteers Communists(DKO) of the Brigade Prizrak. We get along with the Italian groups very well, in August, Italian internationalist volunteers Nemo, Ivan and Bozambo of the detachment of Communist volunteers (DKO), since the first speech of the battlefront and sent us a video. What sets us apart from other groups is not an organisation made up, they don’t know us define the members from outside, perp that matters is the internationalist line to follow,  we are not all of the Spanish State.



Finally. What is your future vision for your group and how will you do to grow?

Lately there is very little broadcasting from Novorossia, ore from Russia, and therefore from the Spanish State, there is much confusion with the Minsk accords and infighting. We are not an organization and therefore we can not work as such, but we want unites all the internationalism and if we throw the towel, the will  remain alone in Donbass. We will continue promoting the work of support, reporting and dissemination, the circumstances of destruction in which the labor movement of the State lies is not little. The future of the group  continue to push forward the work to organize the internationalist solidarity in an effective way, since the conditions that they promote it are not yet materialized, because of the demobilization of organizations since the time back to the transition are delivering all the fighting the Spanish State monopoly bourgeoisieBut that does not fit doubt that I will not disappear while the war continues and can be very long. Nor do we doubt that the antifascist struggle at Novorossia leads connected to the struggles of working-class organizations of our States and we must be prepared for what no doubt will be fiscally and which we can already see with the rise of European fascism, they will never pass away!

Thanks for interview! ¡No Pasarán!


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