Interview with german group – Antiimperialistische Aktion


Hi! Would you please tell me first of all, what you are for the group for us in Sweden? What is your purpose and goals?

Hello comrades, we are the German group „Antiimperialistische Aktion“, which translates to „Antiimperialist Action“. We are a group of anti-revisionist, revolutionary communists that strive to end hunger, all forms of exploitation and wars and to establish a socialist, anti-imperialist German state and society. We also support other anti-imperialist groups, organisations and parties across the globe in their struggle against imperialism, capitalism and fascism.

What motive you to start the group Antiimperialist Action ‘?.

The German left struggles since years with many problems. Not only that the German left is almost entirely liberal, revisionist, reformist and partially defending or actively supporting imperialism, we also have an absurd prevailing political current here: the Anti-Germans („Antideutsche“). They show absolute solidarity with the state of Israel and the USA, accusing any critic of being anti-semitic. They support German and American imperialism, for example declaring the 2003 war on Iraq to be anti-fascist or supporting the current fascist Ukrainian government. A big part of them is openly supporting capitalism. Although most of the German left wouldn’t describe itself as Anti-Germans, the Anti-Germans have influenced the German left so strongly that it is hard to distinguish most of it from the Anti-Germans.
Most of the German left is (at least indirectly) supporting imperialism, which could be well-observed during the NATO attack on Libya. There was also a great percentage of the German left supporting the clerical fascist ‘moderate rebels’ in Syria or simply ignoring the matter. We could not accept this, thus we decided to form a strictly anti-imperialist, anti-revisionist communist group.So, in short, one could say that the German left motivated us to form a group of anti-imperialist, revolutionary communists.

AIA has a support demonstration for Gaddafi during the Libyan war.

Did you have any campaigns and political campaigns?

We distributed brochures, flyers and stickers concerning the NATO attack on Libya, the support of the pseudo-islamic clerical fascist ‘moderate rebels’ in Syria and the fascist takeover in Ukraine. We also organised multiple talks on topics such as the situation of Syria and the progress of the Soviet Union under Stalin. We also held multiple demonstrations in big German cities – Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, München etc. – concerning fascism in Ukraine (even before the violent actions on the Maidan and the fascist coup), the Syrian civil war, the NATO attack on Libya, Israeli attacks on Gaza and everyday capitalist and imperialist madness. With the oppressed peoples from beginning to end, we organised the first German demonstration in support of Green Libya and are going to organise one in support of the Green Resistance and the Libyan people very soon. Our solidarity is always expressed openly and vigorously on our social media channels too.

Demonstration in Frankfurt for the war agianst Syria

When you think of Germany, so think of their militant anti-fascist scene and how successful mass organizing against the Neo- Nazis. Would you tell us what is different between your group and the autonomous anti-fascists?

As we already explained in the first answer, most of the so-called anti-fascists in Germany don’t fight real fascism like in Ukraine, but fight (along with bourgeois forces that partially finance fascism in Ukraine!) almost useless battles against isolated dozens of neo-nazis that have no political power and that no one takes seriously. The autonomous left is also very influenced by anarchist and Anti-German ideas, which we talked about earlier, and so is partially anti-communist and/or doesn’t fight imperialism.
This is why it is basically impossible for us to work with most of the autonomous scene as they don’t fight imperialism, sometimes even defending it or cheering it on. Even though it isn’t perceived that way internationally, Germany actually has a very small anti-fascist scene. All bigger ‘anti-fascist’ rallies are actually alliances of mostly petit-bourgeois and liberal-left forces. These are the same forces that call on one hand for global NATO interventions and humanitarian bombings, but on the other hand try to present themselves as ‘strong anti-fascists’. We would say that our positions are incompatible with these groups, because they are either reformist, capitalist, pro-imperialist, revisionist or all of the former.

In Sweden, our group has become very demonized in the media how looks for you in Germany? How is the russophobia in Germany?

Russophobia is strong in the German media, but the people are mostly not russophobic. The media is literally trying to present Putin as the new Hitler, which, considering German history, is probably the most inappropriate thing possible. However, the mass media here has become so one-sided that there’s a great amount of people don’t consume it anymore.
The mass media is completely ignoring us, actively pushing Anti-German positions (as they don’t interfere with their pro-imperialist agenda). If they talk about us, they try to make fun of us or paint us as supporters of mass murderers and spread the absurdest lies, especially stressing the fact that we show solidarity with Novorossiya, which they – remember their position on Russia – paint as super evil. The Anti-Germans have also started a slur campaign against us for our support of the PFLP, our comrades of Borotba and Novorossiya.
Only foreign media outlets do occasionally write articles about us. We appeared in several newspapers in other countries such as Serbia and Russia and we were also on various occasions in interviews with the newly founded german section of Russia Today.

Would you please tell me more about the demonstration that you organized against Ukraine’s president visited in Germany last year, what happend?

We organised a demonstration on February 7th, 2015, some hours before the big protest against the MSC, the Munich Security Conference which is only a security conference by name and is actually a conference of NATO to lanuch new wars and weapon deals. Ukraine’s president Petro Poroshenko was invited to discuss with Western imperialists the ‘issue of Donbass’. Poroshenko himself spoke on a rally of Ukrainian neo-nazis in the center of munich on this day as well. Munich is actually the heart of german secret service and CIA acitivities to support Ukrainian Nazis and Syrian rebels. This is also the reason, why their head Stepan Bandera lived in Munich until he was executed by the KGB for his war crimes.
Our banner at the rally reads „Solidarity with the anti-fascist Novorossiya“ and it showed Stalin punching Bandera in the face. About 300 people attended the demonstration. As we said before though, by far the biggest part of the German left is pro-imperialist and so we faced difficulties with many pseudo-leftists and Ukrainian fascists.
But nonetheless, this demonstration and the following protests against the MSC were a big success. At a time, about 300 people were walking behind our banner and chanting anti-imperialist slogans. We were interviewed by local radio stations, the German RT channel and a few left news outlets. Many new comrades contacted us and joined our ranks to fight imperialism!

Pro-russian separatists conquer Munich, Germany


 Finally, how will you work to grow you group?

By continuing to organise demonstrations and talks, distributing brochures, flyers and stickers and actively going to the streets to talk directly to the people, we hope to grow as an organisation. We are also planning on distributing the Green Book of Muammar al-Gaddafi, spreading the word of the Libyan Jamahiriya and socialism, fighting the prevailing reformism and revisionism in the German left, bringing back the ideas of Ernst Thälmann and Karl Liebknecht.

Thank you for the interview, Rotfront!


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