Interview with Italian anti-fascist group – Comitato per il Donbass Antinazista


Hey! Before we start the interview. Would you first of all introduce yourselves? What are you for a group? what are you goals and what are you fighting for? 

Our Committee operates mostly in Rome, and it’s goal is to inform about what’s really going on in Novorossiya and actively support the struggle of Donbass people against imperialism and oligarchy. The Committee gathers and coordinates political parties, organizations and individuals as well for all the matters concerning Donbass. We all work together, on the same basis, to inform about the real situation in eastern Ukraine, where the last imperialistic aggression is taking place. Our work is to support all those working class forces in Donbass that are fighting not for territorial or ethnic reasons but to emancipate themselves from exploitation and oligarchy, taking in mind their proud anti-fascist and socialist past.

Tell us how you created the group Comitato Donbass Antinazista Italia?

The Committee dates back just after the horrible massacre in Odessa. Individuals and different political organizations, already suspicious about the Maidan and their nazi symbols and the destruction of the soviet era monuments, started a spontaneous mobilisation, like in Donbass and in many other places, because it was clear that what was taking place in Kiev was a coup sponsored by the western countries with fascist manpower.

How good cooperation do you have with the rest of the anti-fascist scene in Italy and what distinguishes your group from other anti-fascist groups?

As said, in the Committee different anti-fascists and working class organizations coexist, therefore we have a good co-operation with other anti-fascist groups in Italy. What distinguishes us, we think, is the fact that we always co-operate and work together levelling and smoothing out our different political points of view, keeping in mind our common goal of supporting the anti-fascist struggle in Donbass. We are also very much aware of the fact that supporting Novorossiya doesn’t mean only to speak out about it, but it means actively support it, in our country and in Novorossiya itself.


Have you had any activities or actions? Would you tell us about that?

We organize and participate to different public meetings and we are also actively involved in fundraising for the people that is fighting against euro-fascists in Kiev. The Committee has also been the co-ordinator – together with the Communist Organization of Lugansk – of the Antifascism, Internationalism, Solidarity Forum (AIS Forum) that was held in Alchevsk (LNR) on the 8th of May 2015, at the same time when the internationalist anti-fascist convoy was in Donbass. The Forum has been hosted and supported by the late Commander Mozgovoy and by the Prizrak Brigade. The AIS Forum has been an important meeting of the working class organizations of different European countries and all the delegates marched together on the 9th of May commemoration parade in Alchevsk.

Following the brutal assassination of Commander Mozgovoy, the Committee promoted a march and a commemoration in his honour on the Partisans Memorial of WWII in Rome, to which many anti-fascist organisations took part.

Italian anti-fascists memory Italian partisans during the WW2
A memorial demonstration in Rome for Aleksey Mozgovoy

In Sweden we have a very strong Russo-phobic media and we in Donbassförening has been accused of being Russian spies by state media. What is the situation in Italy? How are relations with Russia?

In Italy the Russo-phobic sentiment it’s not so extreme like in other European countries. Perhaps because our country has a different history from, for example, the Swedish or the Polish one, and we also had a Communist Party that has been very strong in the political panorama since the end of the Second World War and with strong ties with Russia, of course. Italian people still look at the Russian Army as the liberator from nazi-fascism. Furthermore, sanctions against Russia have badly affect several Italian industries, that had excellent economic relationship with Russia. We also have some elements of our political panorama that openly declare to be friends of some Russian oligarchs. We’d say that, for all these reasons, the idea of the Russian spy has been well removed in Italy.

But the media of course are mostly anti Putin, just because they have to obey to the NATO political agenda, and some reactionary and right organizations – and this is weird looking at the European panorama – are trying to claim the struggle in Donbass like a simple tool of political opposition to the centre-left government that is 100% pro NATO and dominated by the diktats of the European Union. There is more than one fascist organisation here in Italy that support the struggle in Donbass, but for reasons that are totally wrong.

Finally. What is your future vision for your group and how will you do to grow?

We are determined to keep on with our work, we are committed to do it in the best way we can. We are open to all the anti fascist groups or organisations that want to join us, to build a political work that will assure all the necessary support to the working class people that is struggling and suffering in Novorossiya.

Interview of Donbassföreningen 2015-10-02


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