Eng – Introduction about Donbassföreningen

Activists in Malmö

Our principles and values

Street activism in Malmo

We are activists from various networks, associations and political parties that have chosen to create this association together. We engage in activism on a street level concerning the situation in eastern Ukraine.

We do it through actions of different kinds, demonstrations, rallies, spreathing posters etc. We highlight the anti-fascist struggle in eastern Ukraine through social media such as facebook and twitter.

Our goal is to support the anti-fascist forces in Ukraine and to expose the one-sided reporting from swedish media. We are a socialist and anti-fascist association. We want to reveal the underlying interests that have caused the conflict supported by the EU and NATO, which have imperialistic interests to control the Ukrainian economy, and that Ukraine will have economic relations with the EU rather than Russia. As well as to connect Ukraine to NATO to complete the encirclement of military bases against Russia. It was because of this that the EU supported the Maidan demonstrations and the coup that followed.

We take a stand for the people of eastern Ukraine, but also anti-fascists and socialists throughout Ukraine. We stand at an anti-fascist and anti-imperialist viewpoint. We also want to bring a class perspective on the issue, pointing out the government in Kiev which consists of and serves ukrainian oligarchs and that  the rebellion in eastern Ukraine is widely supported by the working class in Ukraine.


Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt behind the right-sector flag at a pro-kiev rally.

Donbassföreningen started  in the year 2014, when Sweden witnessed a russophobia and warmongering media climate during Euromaidan riots in Ukraine. This misinformation and propaganda that came both direclty and indirectly from the Swedish State came to be so intense that even our network was affected by it, but russophobia gaind more ground. Networks were created in Sweden by various right-wing groups in order to support Euromaidan protests. These ranged from Liberal groups to the Nazis. Some Swedish nazis even joined in the fighting with groups like the Azov battalion and the right sector.

Several leading politicians such as former minister for Foreign Affairs of Sweden Carl Bildth gave her warm supported to the coup. Bildt said during the Odessa massacre “There was provocation by Russian hooligans”  Quote Government and the Swedish media painted the right sector as democracy campaigners.

Swedish Nazis in Ukraine pays tribute to a departed comrade.

In terms of intensive russophobia climate in Sweden with all this as a tragic knife attack in Malmö. During a demonstration on the night of 8 March in Malmö, six anti-fascists attacked by a bunch of Nazis and lasts one of anti-fascists get life-threatening injuries. The Nazis who participated in the knife attack belongs to the former nazi party “Swedish Party”, and several have been in Ukraine and participated in close combat training with right sector in Ukraine. This broke the camel’s back for us. It was Euro maidan coup and, above all, the Odessa massacre that thoughts about a solidarity network Ukraine began to come to the real world and in December 2014, our activity.

Media campaign 

Around Malmö appeared at the beginning of december 2014 we started our first posters campaign that we used the slogan “Fight against fascism concerns all of us Support the fight for freedom in Ukraine” .The posters had a militant stance. The day after the poster so posters spread like wildfire and could be seen on social media. The posters became high-profile of several nationwide newspapers, Sweden’s largest newspapers such as Svenska Dagbladet wrote an article entitled about it

Russian propaganda spread in Sweden” and content that “it is difficult to draw any other conclusion than that there is a part of the propaganda campaign that Russia is pursuing to put their view of the war against Ukraine as anti-fascism – and in a wider framework a threatening West who is looking to take mother Russia.

and in the newspaper Expressen’s” editorial wrote this: Moscow’s shadow reaches the Skåne “with content”

DFN is by all accounts a marginal grouping but the posters are a reminder that propaganda reaches all the way into Sweden, and it is far from being always obvious. “


Donbassförengen existence drew aggression even from the left. From a letters to the newspaper “arbetaren” with the title “Putin dominated Leftwing Support Russian Imperialism” and content that

“it is time to distance himself from the Putin-friendly activities that are currently performed in the left movement and the antifascist name “, And now shows so-called” Donbassföreningar “up in Sweden with the aim the Swedish left in a fight against” fascism “. Organizers propagate separatist organisations which are not recognised anywhere, the so-called peoplerepublic s in Donetsk and Lugansk, whose leaders are banned from the civilized world, and in Stockholm and Malmö spread fabricated lies about Ukrainian fascism and anti-fascist “rebels” on open meetings where the smell of Russian money is so strong that you hold for your nose. ”

 ” Link3

Our existence not only stirred up emotions among the media establishment , but also seem to be classed as a military threat. Psyopsförbundet which is an miltiary organ that goal to stop “foreign” psychological propaganda ,mentioned our poster during a seminar which included “Russian propaganda” in Sweden Link4

It is obvious that groups like ours represent truth in Ukraine. This is also proved by the authorities and etblismiangets push to deckare us a threat to society.

Our activities

Comrades gathered to honor the Victims of Odessa massacre.

So far we have had mass display of posters and stickers brand campaigns both in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Umeå and Malmö. We have organized a rally to mark the anniversary of the coup in Kiev, as well as a manifestation both in Stockholm and Malmö to bring light to the Odessa massacre. That same day we also did a poster campaign directed against Swedish media offices where we put up posters in their windows as we showed pictures from the devastation of the Odessa massacre because the media in Sweden reported very little about it. We have managed to expand our association to the cities of Gothenburg and Umeå. We continue to expand and grow. Crush fascism long live the people of the republics in the Donetsk and Lugansk!

Leaflet in Malmö
Manifestation in Stockholm

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